Artisan Butchery & Farm Dining

Welcome to Dickies Farm Dining  
Artisan Butchery and Farm Dining Restaurant on a Farm in the country

Our Story...

The simple answer is food.

Dickies is a business born from wanting to make a small farm work. 
Rich (Dickie) is a farmers son that was faced with the problem of what to do with the family farm.  After trying and failing to make it work as a beef enterprise, he decided it was time he put his knowledge of retail, to use.
In 2016, he learnt how to be a butcher and converted the double garage into what became 'Dickies Atrisan Butchery'. It took off incredibly and soon earnt the reputation for the best steak in the area. With this level of aknowledgement, he wanted to take things even further. 

Always wanting to run a restaurant, Richard decided that he could serve food as well as meat over the counter. 
So in the spring of 2017 he erected a couple of tents and made some tables and benches from scratch. With the help of his newly appointed right hand woman (Emily), he started to serve brunch on a Saturday and Sunday morning. During that summer, crowds started flocking to Dickies for the best Full English in the area, queues formed at the gate and things got very hectic!
Its safe to say that a Dickies Brunch was a much coveted meal.
That is, until Autumn came and after being asked on a daily basis what was going to happen when the cold weather came the Dickies team decided to build the Cow Shed.
Made from scavenged materials on the farm, a wonderful space was created in only six weeks and it now stands as the centre point of Dickies.
The Cow Shed is where we showcase our unpretentious but imaginative dishes, made with the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

We will never forget our beginnings, as this is what makes our business authentic.  Striving to improve every day, our love for food is always at the forefront of everything we do.
We are Dickies.